The Red Head Brass Commitment to
Quality and Safety in Wrenches

The Red Head Brass wrench line is yet another example of no compromise of quality in our product line.

All Red Head Brass spanner wrenches are cast from tough, rugged  ALMAG 35 alloy . They have a  tensile strength of 40 KSI  that meets the requirements of  ASTM GM70B .

The hydrant wrench handles are chrome plated  carbon steel   1215 ASTM A575 (QQ-S-630) .

quality aspects of wrenches

The hydrant wrench heads are made from  strong ductile iron   ASTM A536, Grade 65-45-12 .

The jaw on the hydrant wrench is made from tough  manganese bronze   Alloy 865 ASTM B147-8A, (QQ-C-390 (C3) .