Style SKT
Quick Connect Coupling

A lightweight, easily installed, field repairable, and re-attachable, quick connect coupling (aka Storz) to be used with 8” 10” & 12” diameter layflat hose (LDH). The coupling consists of a quick connect head, hose shank and a 4 segment bolted clamp collar easily assembled to the hose using a hex (Allen) wrench. The clamp collar allows for re-tightening after initial hose pressurization.

Available Sizes: 8″, 10″, and 12″

Configuration and features:

  • Coupling head, shank, and collar machined from strong, seamless extruded aluminum, Alloy 6061-T6, for light weight.
  • Hardcoat anodized per MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class 1 for wear and corrosion resistance.
  • Head equipped with external, spring return stainless steel locking lever to prevent unintentional disconnects. Head has visual indicators to show locked position.
  • Equipped with Viton Storz-type Suction/Pressure Gasket for leakproof seal.
  • Shank diameter sized for close fit with inside diameter of LDH. Shank has undulating diameters to provide for secure and leak proof hose attachment when used with the mating clamp collar.
  • Collar sized to match mating shank diameters and thickness of hose .
  • Each collar segment drilled and tapped on one end for 3⁄8″-16 bolts and clearance hole drilled on opposite end for 3⁄8″ diameter bolts.
  • Clamp Bolts, 2 per segment, high tensile Alloy Steel per ASTM A574 with Zinc yellow dichromate plating per QQ-Z-325, Type II for corrosion resistance.(Strength equal to Grade 9 bolt).
  • Collar outside diameter sized to provide added abrasion resistance for the hose. Ends radiused and tapered to reduce hang-ups when dragging.